the last days of frankie macciota

by martin ruby

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released August 8, 2011

Marco North



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martin ruby

Martin Ruby is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer and lyricist known for the raw emotion and simplicity of his music. Ruby's songs are typically about "other people" as he puts it - their innermost fears, wishes, apologies and confessions. Stripping down the character and the music to their naked forms is what defines Ruby's process, and his music. ... more

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Track Name: marbles
me and my pretty one,
in the mud with her pearls
Track Name: made it rain
I brought the rain
thought I could make it rain
I prayed and I prayed for rain
I prayed and then it came

You brought the hurricane
when you came

Every Sunday it's the same
Every Sunday it's the same

Don't cry, don't cry
I'm to blame
I can make it rain in an empty sky
You made me promise not to die

I brought the rain
thought I could make it rain
I prayed and I prayed for rain
I prayed and then it came

You made the hurricane
when you came
You brought the stone
Made the mark of Cain
You brought the storm
I made it rain
Track Name: walk (alabama chrome)
that ain't duct tape
it's alabama chrome
buy you a red merlin
on 5th avenue
she runs into the street
to get hit by a car
but those headlights
they're her penny jar
and the people in the street
they know who we are

only bullets whistling by
they won't kill you
i don't know why
you are the space between the bricks
you are the cracks in the sidewalk
you can breathe
but you can't talk.

wait 'til the morning
and when the morning comes
go to the window
see the white crows run
who have i become?
don't do what i have done
i am the white crow's son
and the neighbors
they know who we are.
Track Name: cielito lindo (Gone Elvis soundtrack)
from your house to mine little darling
there is no more than a step
until your mother comes.
Cielito Lindo,
put your hand in mine.
Track Name: sixty six books
the women and the wine
wouldn't let him pray
sixty-six books
the book of the seven seas

you can't hold him in your hand
and the devil in the other
you got to turn one lose
right ain't wrong
and wrong ain't right

don't give up on me

I tried
you know I tried
I try to help myself sometimes
will you help me woman
to be true

four hundred fifty thousand words on you

without you I'm lost
will you take me
gonna buy you a million dollar ring
even if there are
no more diamonds in the mine

because sometimes
I can be
I can be like Brando
in Last Tango

you know I'm blind
but will you dance
just waltz real slow with me
oh would you be so kind
so very kind

because the cops took your wildflowers and gave them to their wives
I don't know why the cops
they took the roses I bought for you
and gave them to his wife